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Herb's Acoustic Playground Instruments



Some quotes from others...

Jercher feels the legacy of his childhood, the sudden correlations made in periods of creative growth. These inspirations, with their attendant freshness and immediacy of perception, have laid dormant - seeds awakened and brought to growth in the works of his skilled and mature years.

- John Jenkins. 22 Contemporary Australian Composers NMA Publications Melbourne 1988

The Melbourne sound sculptor Herbert Jercher 'composes' musical playground environments as a profession... Children negotiate Jercher's compositional maze through simple, safe actions such as twisting, pulling and tapping on tuned instruments. One of these is a 16-tone wall chime upon which children can create their own melodies and counterpoint."

- John Whiteoak and Aline Scott-Maxwell, eds. The Currency Companion to Music and Dance in Australia Currency Press Sydney 2003

"And literally stealing the thunder of the day was Ronnie Welsh and teacher Herbert Jercher's crazy bike-a-banga-blik-a-phone."

- in It's 'music' to their ears The Examiner Launceston 23.9.83



...and from the man himself

"You cant hold a tradition up forever - it has to change... and its a good thing that it stays like that."

- in Working with Music by Emma Stephens NOW! Melbourne May-June 1997

"I am fascinated by the vibrations of sound. We, as humans, are totally surrounded by sound and I like to make people aware of that."

- in Man of Music by Caroline Overington Advocate Footscray Melbourne 22.4.1992

" ...So you know if you've kicked the ball properly by the way it sounds, or if you've hit the golf ball correctly, just by the sound."

- in Artist's Aim is Sounds of Action by Denis Brown Port Phillip/Caulfield Leader Melbourne 21.11.1994

"My intention is for children to become freer in their concepts of music and are able to interrelate it with the other arts."

- in Artist Hanging Around. Katherine Times May 1981.

"It's about zones of contemplation, and about manipulating materials and found objects, and about playing."

- in In the Sound Garden by Chris Johnston the Age Melbourne 30.6.1997