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HAPI ® - Herb's Acoustic Playground Instruments

Herbert Jercher is a sound artist and pioneer in the design of sound sculptures, installations and acoustic systems. His works embrace a wide range of contexts and needs, whether for school or community playground, foyers and atriums of shopping centres or hotels, the home garden, a city or street performance. His works are environmentally friendly as well as fun to play and listen to.

Each sound sculpture is unique and designed specifically for the intended environment and the people who spend time there. The instruments are usually designed in collaboration with architects once a client brief has been prepared.

Locations are assessed so that when a pitched, percussive or passive sound sculpture is included as an integral part of the space it significantly enhances and extends the experience and enjoyment of being there.

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Instrument Gallery

A gallery of instruments and playground installations.
(A note for visitors: the gallery instruments have been designed for special client needs. They are not available "off the shelf".)

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Herbert Jercher of HAPI Sound Sculptures in Australia.

HAPI playground instrument and sound sculpture by Herbert Jercher, made in VIC.

The SunRRA September podcast features a soundscape of HAPI® instruments placed within seasonal environments.

See the ABC documentary clip featuring HAPI® instruments in the Speers Point playground Newcastle.

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A HAPI® Contradiction (2004)

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